The Show-Me F100's is an F1 and F100 truck club for '48-'52 F1's and '53-'79 F100 pickups and panels.
We are a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Club

Mission Statement:
"Dedicated to the preservation, heritage and sport of classic F1 & F100 Ford Trucks."

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If you enjoy the site and would like to help with our monthly costs but don't want to be a sponsor ($100 per year),
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We are by no means "poor", and I have no intentions of closing down the web site even without any donations.
I just thought I'd give ya'll a chance to help if you wanted.
Every little bit makes a difference!  Thanks!
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(Branson, Mo. July 2001)

You can always email us at:
for information about our club & meeting schedules.

  PLEASE NOTE:   ALL correspondence is to be sent to
3301 W Mt. Vernon - Springfield, Mo. 65802
  For Show-Me F100's information, functions or questions, please contact Bj Busse.  Thanks!  

President:  Cal Busse  *  417-863-9501
V. President:  Cheryl Sage  *  417-637-6700
Secretary:  Cal Busse  *  417-863-9501
Treasurer:  Cheryl Sage  *  417-637-6700
Public Relations/Editor:  BJ Busse  *  417-863-9501
Sergeant of Arms:   Russ Sage  *  417-637-6700

We had our last Ozarks Run July 2014
and would like to thank the
Fall Creek Inn & Suites
995 Hwy 165
Branson, Missouri
for giving us a great motel to hold our show!

If you're in Branson, Mo. and want a nice motel to stay at,
give the Fall Creek Inn & Suites a call!
(417) 348-1683 OR (800) 393-0474

  I'll slowly be revamping the website and adding previous Ozarks Run pictures and stories.  

  If you've got a story or pictures you'd like to share
send them to me (email or via postal service) and I'll add yours to our page!

  I'll have more information soon, so check back soon.

  The Ozarks Run Page will slowly be converted to house previous shows, so send me your pictures and stories so I can add yours!  
click HERE or use the link at the top to check out what's up!

Join the club for $20 a year and keep up to date on events and meetings through our monthly newsletter.

For those who have heard the club is no longer a club, that is FALSE.
The Show-Me F100's never stopped being a club
and is still the only F1 and F100 truck club in the state of Missouri.

  We have been a truck club since 1984.
The only reason we stopped doing the Ozarks Run was because we couldn't get enough people to help us put it on
(but that may change down the road).

Click on the "Ozarks Run Pix" link below or in the top bar to view pictures and fill out our "comments" form! Turn UP your volume, 'cuz there's music there too!  (If you're using Google Chrome, you may not hear the music or see any JAVA Script)

"Ozarks Run" pictures, awards and trophies.

Click the Truck!

This page is for CLUB UPDATES!
Stop in and check, I'll add updates as soon as I get them.

Club Updates Page

You can learn a bit about what it takes to be a member in the club and print out
the membership form and send it in if you're interested in joining the club!
(via "snail mail" that is)  

You can always sign up for the "Mailing List" too!
You'll get any updates about the site or club news right in your email!

Just a Show-Me Message Forum!
If you have an event to post or a question, here's the place to do just that!
Stop in and give it a try!

Free Message Forum from Bravenet Free Message Forums from Bravenet

  F-100 Clubs & Misc Links  

Stop in and look around!
There's some great links here!

Including links for PARTS!
Scroll down toward the bottom of the page
and click on the link to listen to the radio prank
that was pulled on a true "blonde"!
OK ladies, it's not MY fault!

  Trivia Page!  

  Effie's For Sale!  

  Parts Page!  
If you're looking for parts, or trying to sell some
check here!

  Club Members F-100's Pix  
Guestbook & more!

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