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Show-Me F100's
16th Annual Ozark Run

Branson, Missouri
July 11-13th, 2003

A nice shot of the Dixie Stampede through the trees!

Did you make it to the Ozarks Run this year in Branson, Missouri?! We sure did! It was a BLAST! There were lots of trucks there, but we still missed YOU!
Registration started Friday morning, and most of the day was just to relax, get your truck registered, have some ice cream later in the afternoon, and live music Friday evening when "Touch of Country" graced our show! It was a fun night of music and joking around!

We changed a few things this year, and gave out our show tickets on Friday afternoon, so those who wanted to go to a show or didn't want to go see our Saturday night show would have a chance to do so. It was decided that Moe Bandy was to be the choice again this year because his schedule last year was changed at the last minute and many weren't able to attend. So, those who missed last year, got to see him this year!
Trust me, next year will be a new show! I PROMISE!

Saturday, registration started back up at 9am till noon, and judges walked the lot looking at trucks and filling out their tally sheets.

We even had CL & Sharon Brown from "Creative Expressions" here to take pictures of your trucks and put them on t-shirts, framed pictures, quilts, you name it, they did it! And a GREAT JOB I might add! They'll be back next year in case you missed them this time!
C.L & Sharon Brown
Creative Expressions
10097 Old Campbell Rd
Rogers, Ar. 72758
(479) 925-3102


The weather got a little crazy Friday night, and a few of our trucks were hit by flying "buckets"! Yes, the winds picked up Friday late evening, lightning streaked across the sky, and there were bits of branches and leaves everywhere when everyone woke up Saturday morning!

David & Jennifer (David's new "helper") with the Ramada Inn were kept busy looking at trucks that sustained some damage, and last time I checked, most participants were satisfied with how things were being handled.

Trophies were given out a bit late this year. Hmmm! Ok, don't blame "ME"! I was outside taking pictures! It's not my "job" to do inventory! I'm running way behind, but I'll have the trophy winners posted soon.

There was one trophy that has a "history" if you will, behind it. It's the "Favorite Club Truck" trophy. It seems that for the past 2 years, someone else has wanted it worse than the person who actually won it. Yes, it has been stolen 2 years in a row!

So, I decided that this year we needed to keep it under lock and key, so I made up a little "poem" to put in it's place until we gave it to it's rightful owner! I placed the poster on the table where the trophy would normally stand. It goes like this:

  • This is the spot our trophy would rest,
  • but it seems for 2 years someone else was a pest.
  • So, for it's own "safety", we think it best,
  • It stay safely hidden until it's presence we request.
  • Leonard Johnson was our "Trophy Police" this year! He did a great job of keeping it safe too! Thanks Leonard!


    The trophy couldn't have gone to a more deserving guy! Our own Jim Wagner, who drives over 200 miles total trip just to come to each meeting! He and Margie are always helping with something for the club! Thanks Jim & Margie! You two are "TOPS"! (and the "trucks" pretty too)!

    If you're wondering why some pictures appear twice, look again. The second picture is a bit "larger", and will most likely upload to a screen saver with better detail. Anyway, I tried to keep all those "Effie" lovers in mind at least! If you want a FREE screen saver that works really good, download Webshots to your computer! I use them on mine, and they're GREAT! You can use any jpg, drop and drag it to make your own screen savers.

    You'll have to turn the page to get more! Heh, you can only put so many pictures on a page! I have cable modem, and sometimes it takes a few seconds to load! I can't imagine how long it would take with a "dial up modem"! arggghhh! Come on! Turn the ruddy page!

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