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Show-Me F100's
17th Annual Ozark Run

Branson, Missouri
July 9th-11th, 2004

If you have dial up modem you may have to give the page time to load.  I'll have to add at least one more page for pix I have left, so don't be impatient!

(Click the image for larger view)

I've got spots set up for pictures so you can see them as I upload them to the web site, so give me a while to get them fixed, uploaded and added to the page.

I had a blast and I sure hope you did too!

PLEASE READ:  It seems that our fearless leader didn't get all the names of our winners written down for me, so if you won a trophy, please drop me a note with your name and the trophy you won. I have the "specialty" trophy winners, but I'm looking for the Top 15 (I have a few), 48-52, 57-60, 61-66, 67-72 and 73-79. This information was saved on our judging sheets, but not transferred, so we're checking the juding sheets that we still have (many were given out to the participant), so if you have some info, please send it to me. I'll get the rest out as soon as I can.
Pictures will come first of course! THANKS!

Our "resident hillbillies" Roger Maggard and JB Thornton.

  I'm just getting things put together, but you can still take a peek at the  
2004 Awards Page




  This is a paint job that you've never seen before! And it was done back in the 60's!  
Now that's some original work!  Neat truck Eldon!

Do you have some pix from the 2004 Branson show
that you'd like to share?
Send them to me at:

Add: "Ozark Run 2004" to the subject line
and don't forget to give us your name!

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