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Show-Me F100's
18th Annual Ozarks Run

Branson, Missouri
July 8th-10th, 2005

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I've got spots set up for pictures so you can see them as I upload them to the web site, so give me a while to get them fixed, uploaded and added to the page.

We raised $594 for the Family Violence Center this year from our raffles.  We're still waiting to cash in the pop tabs and it was decided our last meeting to include the money from the pop tabs in with any clothing or appliance donations just before Christmas.  If you still have pop tabs that you haven't turned in, please let me know so we can add them to the boxes we already have.  Thanks!

I had a blast at the 2005 Run, even though I was a prisoner in the "Hut" this year!
I hope you had a great time too!

  I hope to have the pictures that have been taken developed soon.  I was not allowed out of the Hut long enough to even walk around this year (won't happen like that next year, TRUST ME) so the only pictures I got were of the trophy winners!  If you have any 2005 pictures that you'd like to share, please send them to me via snail mail, or email.  (Please put "Ozarks Run 2005" in the subject line so I will know what you're sending)

P.S.  I've received a CD with some pictures from Dennis & Kim Rentz which is a great idea by the way!  So if you'd like to send me a CD instead, that would suit me just fine!  I'll get your pictures on the site as soon as I can. You don't need to worry about downsizing them because I prefer to do them myself with my own computer program. Thanks!

I hope you all had a great time this year!  We look forward to seeing you next year!

I'll be working on the Awards page shortly, so give me a few days, ok?!
Awards 2005

My first group of pix!  Thanks Rodney!




Thanks Dennis & Kim Rentz!


  Just thought I'd add this motor pix Kim sent too! (Heh, it's a FORD!)  

  These pix are from Nick Pieffer.  Thanks Nick!  

PLEASE READ:  It seems that there was a misunderstanding about our 'Hard Luck' trophy this year which was given to #17 Charles (Chuck) & Caralynne Detmers who registered a Purple & Platinum '48 F1 in the beginning of April.

Below is a letter from the President of the club,
Tim Brashears.

To Everyone Who Attended the 18th Annual Show-Me F100's Ozarks Run:

I want to Thank You!  We received several comments about the awards.  It seems many think that a '47 Red Chevy truck with a small block Ford had won an award.....This is NOT true, nor will it ever happen.  The Chevy pickup was not registered and if it were, it wouldn't and couldn't recieve an award.  It would be like you driving an F-150 or any car to the show.  If you registered, you would get a goody bag and a chance for a door prize, but not allowed to enter your truck for any judging or awards.

The '40 Chevy coupe that Chuck and Caralynne Detmers drove to the show was registered as a '48 F1, but due to an accident prior to getting out of town and another vehicle damaged, they chose to drive their '40 Chevy to the show because they had no other transportation.

Because no one had any trouble other than Mike's chair breaking, we decided to give the Hard Luck trophy to the 'PEOPLE' driving the coupe and not to their 'CAR.'

I hope this explains the problem.  Thank you for your comments and I hope to see ya'll in 2006.   Again, Thank You for coming!
Tim Brashears
President Show-Me F100's

Below you will find the 'Hard Luck' comments that were turned into the club on our form:

Been here before!  But not in a Chevy Coupe!  My wife wrecked my truck, I got down and didn't get it fixed up again.  Then the wifes car got the rear window broken out, so the only way was to come to the Ford truck show in a '40 Chevy car.  It's all about fun - isn't it?
Chuck Detmers

Bj's Final Comments
I would like to add that you do not have to even have a Ford F1 or F100 to come to the show or even register for that matter.  For those who don't have their trucks judged, or who just pay the registration for a goody bag and a chance at a door prize we appreciate your help and for years this was and is allowed in case you're wondering.

Chuck was already registered, and had no other way to the truck show except via his Chevy Coupe.  What worse thing could happen than to start out with a Ford and have to end up coming in a Chevy?!

Chuck's "vehicle" was never taken into consideration as far as "judging" goes.  The Hard Luck trophy is awarded via the Hard Luck form that is filled out by those who want to enter their story.  No vehicle is ever even considered, just the story that is written down on our form.  This is what the 'Hard Luck' trophy is all about.  Break downs, wrecks, and problems along the way to the show.  I'd say that he won this trophy "HANDS DOWN!"  I hope you all see that this was all a mistake about a "vehicle" being judged, and the rumors that were spread were wrong and twisted. THANKS!
Bj Busse - Editor

Do you have some pix from the 2005 Branson show
that you'd like to share?
I wasn't able to get around and get any pictures this year, so I'm relying on those who did!  I'd be happy to add any pictures you might have.
Send them to me at:

Add: "Ozark Run 2005" to the subject line
and don't forget to give us your name!

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