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Show-Me F100's
19th Annual Ozarks Run

Branson, Missouri
July 7th-9th, 2006

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I'll have the amount we raised for Crosslines shortly from our raffle.  I'm also looking into a place to turn in our pop tabs to help someone on dialysis, so hang tight.....I'll have that information soon.  If you still have pop tabs that you haven't turned in, please let me know so we can add them to the boxes we already have.  Thanks!

I had a great time at the 2006 Run and although we had a few "glitches" here and there (that's always normal), I hope you had a great time too!

P.S.  I've received a CD with some pictures from Dennis & Kim Rentz (didn't take her long this year), which is a great idea by the way!  So if you'd like to send me a CD instead, that would suit me just fine!  I'll get your pictures on the site as soon as I can.  You don't need to worry about downsizing them because I prefer to do them myself with my own computer program.  Thanks!

We look forward to seeing you next year!

The Awards page is up and running!
Awards 2006

Thanks Kim!

Our Friday night music was Mark & Michelle and we had a blast!
That pizza sure looked pretty good Lee!

It was like a concert on the hill & you could enjoy the music all the way to the motel!












Do you have some pix from the 2006 Branson show
that you'd like to share?
  I'd be happy to add any pictures you might have.

Send them to me at:

  Add: "Ozark Run 2006" to the subject line 'cuz we don't open large unmarked emails,  
and don't forget to give us your name so we can give you credit!

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