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Show-Me F100's
20th Annual Ozarks Run

Branson, Missouri
July 13th-15th, 2007

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We raised $500 for Crosslines and this money will be donated at the Crosslines Cruise, November 4th here in Springfield.  We're still collecting pop tabs, so if you live close by and want to bring them to a meeting, please do!  We'll cash them in soon.

We had a great time at the 2007 Ozarks Run, we hope you had a great time too!

P.S.  I've received a CD with some pictures from Dennis & Kim Rentz and Brian Bowers (didn't take either one very long this year), which is a great idea by the way!  So if you'd like to send me a CD instead, that would suit me just fine!  It saves me scanning pictures and sending them back to you too!  I'll get your pictures on the site as soon as I can.  Please don't downsize them because I prefer to do them myself with my own computer program.  Thanks!

We look forward to seeing you next year!

The Awards page is up and running.....it's almost done!
Awards 2007



I think everyone enjoyed Mark Aldred & David Watson for our live Friday night music.  It didn't seem like as many people were down on the grass this year, and then I began looking around the motel balconies!  WOW!  Talk about FULL!  As Mark and David were playing, more and more motel guests brought their chairs out to watch!  This year it was Cal's turn to walk around and gather donations, so off he went!  He even walked over to a group of baseball kids that had come for their finals and got donations from them also!  Great job Cal!  Mark said he'd be back next year with a few more musicians in tow!  I can't wait to see what he's got up his sleeve!  Great job guys!


For those who think the show "puts itself together", well I've got news for you!  Here's just a couple pix of Cal working in the kitchen putting together the goody bags.  If he looks tired, he IS!   These pix were taken late in the afternoon and he's running out of steam I think!  You can't see everything 'cuz there are two portable tray tables at the end of the two 6 foot portable tables, and he's using the dinner table, plus both counters!  Nope, there's no room for more than two people in that kitchen and that depends on where you're standing!  We wait on the goody bags until a day or two before we leave for Branson.....just to make sure we don't have any last minute items.  That's another reason we need goody bag items BY July 1st!  Ya did GOOD Cal!



Many families make the Ozarks Run a yearly cruise/vacation!
  Course, anywhere the Rentz family goes, it's always a "cruise"!  


Some of our long term vendors are Dave Green and Al and Janet Blume.  They've been coming for years and this year Dave decided to bring down some used parts to sell while Al and Janet worked out of their pop up trailer selling all sorts of parts and accessories.  Thanks for all our vendors for joining us this year!  


Bud Perry with Bud's Tire and Wheel was once again our DJ with great music for us all day Saturday and even loaned us his portable mike for announcing our trophy winners.  He's got a great set up and loves doing what he does and you can tell it too!  Thanks Bud!

The whole idea of the show is to relax, take a load off and enjoy being with your old friends, and getting a chance to look at TRUCKS!  I'm sure those who've been coming for years have to agree that they've never been to a show like ours before!


  You can see we even have a spot for the guys to wash up their trucks after a long drive!  


Although the Ozarks Run is a Ford F1 and F100 pickups and panels show, we still enjoy seeing other makes and models of cars and trucks at the show.  They are even allowed to register, they just don't qualify for trophies.  Don't worry Ford enthusiasts, your trophies are still safe!


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