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Show-Me F100's
22nd Annual Ozarks Run

Branson, Missouri
July 10th-12th, 2009

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Our donations go to Crosslines again this year.  The money will be donated at the Crosslines Cruise, November 8th here in Springfield.  We're always collecting pop tabs, so if you live close by and want to bring them to a meeting, please do!  We have a place to store them and they will be cashed in just before the Crosslines Cruise and added to our donation money which will be presented at the Cruise.

We had a great time at the 2009 Ozarks Run, we hope you had a great time too!

P.S.  I've received a few CD with pictures from Brian & Shelley Reynolds and Kim Rentz.   If you'd like to send me a CD of your pictures from the show, that would suit me just fine!  I'll get your pictures on the site as soon as I can.  Please don't downsize them because I prefer to do them myself with my own computer program.  Thanks!

We look forward to seeing you next year!

The Awards page is up and running (and almost done).....I have more pictures to add, so just be patient!
Awards 2009



Mark Aldred & David Watson made our live Friday night music a fun time, even in the heat!  The guys set up on the concrete slab in the center of the grassy area, and everyone sat around in their lawn chairs, under their tents and even up the hill just to watch and listen!  It was nice to walk out of Bldg 700 and hear the sound of live music on the property!  This year the guys played a little longer because they were having a good time and so was everyone else!  Once again.....a Great Job guys!  Thanks to Dennis Rentz for taking the donation jug around and to all those who donated to help thank the guys for playing for us!  

Do you have some pictures that were taken during our live music Friday night?  Sorry these aren't more clear.  I'd love to see any that you might have, so please send them to me.......on a CD would be great!



  These pictures aren't in any order, just as they were on the CD I received from Brian Reynolds.  Thanks Brian!  






  If you think the pictures look good, you should have seen these trucks in PERSON!  Where were you?!   




Do you have some pix from the 2009 Branson show
that you'd like to share?
  I'd be happy to add any pictures you might have.

Send them to me at:

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