The Show-Me F100's is an F1 and F100 truck club for
'48-'52 F1's and '53-'79 F100 pickups and panels.

I've added a link for each Ozarks Run from this page.  Now you can just bookmark this page to have access to any year you need!  THANKS for dropping by!  I hope you enjoy all the photos!

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Ozarks Run Pictures & Awards

Did you go to the Ozarks Run?
(even if you didn't, but have been in previous years)
I'd love to have your comments,
  so would you please fill out this comment form for me?  


Ozarks Run 2001

Ozarks Run 2002

Ozarks Run 2003

Ozarks Run 2004

Ozarks Run 2005

Ozarks Run 2006

Ozarks Run 2007

Ozarks Run 2008

Ozarks Run 2009

Ozarks Run 2010

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  If you have a picture that I missed, and you'd like to see it in the appropriate years run, just send it to me!  
Please put "Ozarks Run" in your subject line and let me know what year it was taken.

Since 2014 is our last Ozarks Run, I would love to have any Ozarks Run pictures you've taken through the last 27 years!
Please send me your pictures along with the year and any story or names that apply to that picture.
Thanks so much for coming to our show all these years!
We'll miss ya'll!


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