Cal's Restoration Project

This page is a record of some of the things Cal has done in the restoration of his '53 Effie.  Some of it will be pictures and some of it may be information.  I hope you enjoy the page.

These were taken on the way home from Rolla being towed by Cal's brother Tim on a dismal day.  Thanks Joe Joe!

The truck wasn't in as good of shape as the previous owner implied.  Cal's found this out the hard way!  So far the brakes have been completely redone including and not limited to the master cylinder which he was told was newly rebuilt, the brake lines and all wiring to the rear for lights.  The 5 gallon gas can that was used to provide fuel has been removed and replaced, (including a second fuel filter and all fuel lines) and a brand new fuel tank (purchased at the Supernats in 2006.......Cal's gift to himself).  All the "mud dobbers" have been removed (that was an added bonus), including the ones I've busted up in the rest of the garage found in "odd" placed I might add.

Electrical wires have been replaced because they were spliced and mix matched, the radiator has been soldered because it had a bad leak across the entire top where it had been siliconed instead of repaired correctly.  (Like silicone would work?)  Cal did the repair himself after he removed the silicone, which was the hardest part he said.  The previous owner believed in silcone for every possible "fix it".   It seems that the radiator wasn't the only thing he used silicone on!

This powder coated cluster panel was a present from me.  It's the closet to seeing a man cry I've seen in a while.  He just didn't expect this type of gift from his WIFE!  I tried to tell him I'm NOT like anyone else he knew.......ya think he believes me now?

Check out those great looking wheels!  I wouldn't mind a pair of those on MY truck!

What happened to the bucket seats and stick shift?  Pedals?  What are those little round things on the floor?

The latest "fix up" is the alternator that has replaced the old rebuilt generator and regulator.  Cal says he wants to be able to run his "head lights" and "fog lights" at the same time!

Body work?  Well, all in time I'm sure!  He sat in the driveway last year with a torch taking out much of the putty fill that was added.  It's amazing what you can find if you really start looking!

(2005)  This trophy was totally unexpected, not only because this was the first show Cal registered his truck at, but because most of the trophies seem to go to those who have thousands of dollars in the restoration of their vehicles.  (they clump all 50's vehicles into the same category)  So maybe you can understand a bit more why Cal was so surprised when they called out his name!  I'm sure he'll want to return to the Apple Butter Makin' Days show again!

Since the 2005 show Cal's done more to his truck and it now has a brand new black front fendor on the drivers side.  He's hoping to do more as spring is upon us in 2008.  He's looking for a "spring" to fit his horn assembly, so I'm sure it'll be junk yard diving shortly!

(2008)  When was the last time you went to a show (or "wanted" to go) and your truck took a dump before you even left?  That's what happened to Cal just before we left to go to the Spooky Moon Cruise in Everton, Mo.  He had been having fuel problems and thought it was one thing and found out just before it was time to leave that it was another.  Course, by that time it was too late to work on the truck, so I drove my 4x4 and he road with his younger brother to the cruise.  Funny thing was they had a trophy for the "Bad Luck Spook" which fit right into Cal's problem!

It actually was Cheryl who heard them call for anyone who had a hard luck story and what better hard luck than to have your truck die right in front of the GARAGE before you left town?  He came home with another trophy and has added it to his collection!  I always thought you got a trophy for BRINGING your truck, not leaving it HOME?!  
(2009)  During the Lockwood, Mo. Chamber of Commerce show in May, Cal took "First Place" in the "Trucks - 1950 to 1959 category," winning $50, and Cal thanks Jim Wagner for not being able to come to the show at the last minute, 'cuz he KNOWS he would have lost otherwise!  THANKS JIM!

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