In Loving Memory of
Charlotte Kensinger

Our club Mystery Cruise - of course Charlotte's taking pictures of us all!
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Below is the letter I added to our June 2006 newsletter for the club.
I think it explains much more than I could say at this time.

For those who have been in the club for a few years, and those who have been members since the very beginning,
you will remember Charlotte as a tiny, quiet but strong willed woman!  I'll never forget the time
Charlotte stood up for the web site when a few other members wanted it removed from the internet,
or the times I would call her and say, "Charlotte, HELP!" and we would laugh then she'd ask me, "What's wrong?"

As you know Charlotte had two brain bleeds shortly after the Ozarks Run late last July (2005) and although her first
brain surgery seemed successful and she was recovering, the second
bleed and surgery four days later made it hard for her to snap back.
By Christmas last year she even tried to get out of bed 'cuz she wanted to come to the Christmas party,
and JB and Jim and Margie had to stop her from doing just that.  Through the years she was awarded many plaques
and trophies for her service and hard work as Editor and just being an active member even when she wasn't an officer.

When Cal drove to the Super Nationals this month, he was sad and said he had thought about not going
even though he had been planning this trip for so long.  I told him to make this cruise for Charlotte,
and that's just what he did!  The DJ played "Keep on Truckin" for Charlotte at 2:30pm Friday the 19th
while those who were still in town attended her gravesite service in Marshfield, Missouri.  The flowers were beautiful and
the casket was a violet color with heavy silver trim.  I know Charlotte really liked the violet shirts we had last year,
so I assume that was one of her favorite colors!  How beautiful a memory!

I will miss her very much because I always knew there was someone who was familiar with all the things
that went on in the club from day one and wasn't afraid to talk about them (in detail) when I asked,
  or if I had questions she wouldn't make me feel dumb for not knowing all this information like others have done through the years.  
A quiet spirit with a big ROAR if and when needed, all done in lady like fashion, with a sense of humor intertwined.
A lady who made you feel like you were important even if "you" didn't think you were,
and who had plenty of time to listen when nobody else would stop long enough to hear what you were trying to say.
A lady who would let me tease her about her height, when I asked her, "Heh, hold still a minute,
will you, I need an arm rest!"  She would just look at me with THAT look and we'd both laugh!
Charlotte, I know you'll have the best seat in the house this year at the Ozarks Run,
so get that gallon pink jug and fill it up so you won't have to move 'cuz we've got a few surprises in store this year YOUR HONOR!  HUGE HUGS & KISSES sent your way!

  I'd like this page to have pictures and stories from those who knew Charlotte and want to share what she meant to them.  

If you have a picture or two that you'd like to share, please send them to me,
I'll scan them and send them back to you.
Please remember to include the story behind the picture too!

This will be a work in progress, so be patient, great things don't happen overnight!

I also know that Charlotte's Favorite at truck shows were the "Tail Gates",
so if you have any good pictures of tail gates I'd love to add them too!
We have and will continue to have "Charlotte's Favorite Tail Gate" trophy at our show in Charlotte's honor.

You can send any pictures or stories to me at:
Bj Busse
3301 W. Mt. Vernon
Springfield, Mo. 65802

Please do NOT "email" me pictures or stories.
I would like them sent "snail mail" please.  Thanks!

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