Mystery Cruise 2003

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On Saturday, August 16th, we began our Mystery Cruise.  Now, the purpose of this is for fun, and of course, although we tried to "guess" where we were going, we fell short of our destination.  Tim Brashears and Jim Wagner were the only two who knew where we were headed!  Those who met at Wal-Mart to start the cruise were:  Tim and his dad Otto, JB and Charlotte, Steve and Carol, and Cal and myself.  We were picking up Russ and Cheryl along the way at their "usual" spot on the west end of Mt. Vernon on the exit ramp!
(inside joke here)

Steve and Carol decided that their truck just had to have a quick bath, so we all chatted while they went down the street to give it a "rinse".  When they returned we all started off on our journey, but not until we all had a number Tim had given us for our "Mystery Cruise" prize!  Hmmmm!  No, he wouldn't tell us what it was a MYSTERY!


We took off down the interstate (I-44 west bound), and dropped off on the Mt. Vernon ramp to wait for Russ and Cheryl.  As we pulled over, Cal and I noticed something on the shoulder.  Well, of course, it was a "Chevy" part that Cal could use for his 63 short bed pickup, so we put it in the bed!  And they say you can't find anything good laying around anymore!  Within a few minutes Russ and Cheryl showed up and we all took off down the ramp.  Since Russ can't run as fast as the others, I stayed back with them and our fearless leader kept on going!  HINT!  HINT!  Ok Tim, next've just got to look out that REAR VIEW MIRROR once in a while!  We all met up again.....after a call on the cell phone from the rest area just before the Oklahoma line.
Have you figured out where we're going yet?

We stopped in Miami, Oklahoma to pick up Jim and Margie Wagner, and found they had brought some friends with them too.  Larry and Kathy Blythe from Pittsburgh, Kansas, brought their baby blue '55 along to enhance the cruise!  We chatted for a few minutes, a few got some fuel, and off we went through the "sticks"!


We ended up in Claremore, Oklahoma where we stopped at the Jim Davis Gun Museum.  But since we were all hungry, we decided to eat first, and followed Jim over to Charlie's Chicken House, pigged out and then decided to split up and let the ladies (the guys could have gone too, and since JB was still using a walker from his surgery, he followed along with us) go to some of the flea markets downtown, and let the guys hit the gun museum.  So off we went!  And we didn't even buy up the whole town!  See?!  Just because women go "shopping", doesn't mean we buy everything we see!  Although, I did take home a few decent buys!

Cal took these pictures! Sorry, they're a bit blurred, it was his first time with my digital camera!

Tim and Otto left early because he had other things going on back in Springfield, and he and Debbie were leaving for Las Vegas the following morning, so the guys said their farewells right after checking out the gun museum.  Then they hunted us down about 3pm (we weren't hard to find), and we all stood around talking outside one of the stores, then decided it was time got it.........ICE CREAM!  So, we headed for the Braums hideout, where it was cool inside ('cuz it was HOT outside), and we could bring our body temps down about 20 degrees!

Did you SMILE behind that camera Charlotte?!

While we were eating our ice cream, we found out that Steve was truly a "loyal" club member!  Why?  Oh, I thought you would never ask!  Well, it seems that while he and the guys were in the parking lot of the gun museum saying their goodbyes to Tim, he was approached by a gentleman who wanted to know WHERE he got that great t-shirt he was wearing!  (our 2003 Ozarks Run F100's 50th Anniversary shirts)  Steve told him that I had some with me and he could purchase one if he wanted, but the man didn't have that much time to go find me.  So, Steve kindly took the shirt off his back and sold it to the man!  Now THAT I would like to have on video!  Yep!  I always wondered if Steve might be working the "lot", but I never thought he'd go quite that far!  Way to go Steve!  Now you can buy a couple more shirts!

After our ice cream treat, we followed Jim and Margie back to the Buffalo Ranch Truck Stop for fuel and to decide what was going to happen next.  Steve and Carol had to go, Russ and Cheryl had to get home 'cuz Cheryl works at "wee hours" in the morning, and JB and Charlotte decided to take off too.  That left Jim and Margie, Larry and Kathy, and Cal and I, so we decided to follow Jim and Margie and check out the Grove, Oklahoma Cruise In!  It was hot and muggy, but there were vehicles there from all over.  They had a DJ and plenty of room to park, hot dogs, polish dogs, chips and cheese and even free ice cream!  Hmmmm!  Does that sound familiar?!  Well, of COURSE we had to have a scoop!  Only after we had a polish dog with all the drippings, so I needed that ice cream to drown out the flames!


We took some pictures while we were there and Cal and I took off after getting some much needed directions from Jim!  Thanks Jim!  We didn't get lost at all!


In case you're wondering, the Mystery Cruise prize was a clock that Tim made from a value cover!  Jim Wagner's number was drawn!  Great!  Only Tim could make something funny out of a truck part!


All in all, it was a fun day!  And we look forward to doing this again next year (Tim says "only one Mystery Cruise per year!").  Thanks for getting this started Tim!  You are indeed our "Fun Meister"!

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