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Club Members F100's
I've made the thumbnails smaller to make the page load quicker.
So give it a few minutes if you're on dial up modem!

(Click on the image to view a larger version)

  Jim & Margie Wagner  

Charlotte Kensinger
  Charlotte's Page...view it "HERE!"  


Cal Busse
He really does have a truck, but you can see
  it needs some "innards" before he can drive it!  
It's a work in progress!  The other is his '53.

  Update: Cal is now the proud owner of a '53 & a '56 Effie!  
Click HERE for Cal's restoration page!

  Carl & Hazel Smith  

  Russ & Cheryl Sage  

  Brian Bowers  

  Brandon Carpenter  

Check out page 2 for more trucks!

  Page Two  

  Are you a Full or Associate member? I'd like to add your truck pix to this page!  
Just send me your latest picture (email or through mail).

Please make sure you put "Members Pix" in the email subject line
so I'll know what your email is about.
And please include your name,
so I can get it spelled correctly!

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