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Ford Trivia

Think you know a lot about Ford F-100's?
Well, here's where we see just how much
you DO know!

Read the questions, and when you're done,
click the link below to find out the answers.

(our F-100 Gremlin will be watching)!

1) The "F" in F-100 stands for?

2) All of the 1955 F-100's serial numbers start with the numbers_______?

3) In 1903, what was the name of the first Ford truck?

4) On the show "Petticoat Junction", who owned and drove the blue 1953 F-100?

5) What happened in 1953?

6) What was it that Henry Ford was the first to do in America?

7) Where was Henry Ford born?

8) When Henry Ford was 12, what did he do to make extra money?

9) At age 15, Henry Ford did what?

10) In 1896 Henry completed what?

11) What happened in 1909?

Did you know that the word "Ford" on this company logo is actually Henry Fords signature?  It appeared on some Model C cars in 1904 and the oval was added in 1912 for signs for Ford dealerships.  It made its debut on Ford cars in 1928.  The deep blue color is known as "Corporate Blue".


Here's a few Trivia Links that you might find interesting.
They aren't all about "effie's" or even Fords,
but I don't think you'll mind!

The Life of Henry Ford

Henry Ford: The Man Behind The Model T

Zero to 60 Times Ford Trivia

Fun Ford Trivia

Looking for more trivia?....then send me some I can add to this page!
Come on, you know this page will ALWAYS be under construction!
So, just get used to it!

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